151016 Forrest Hill Police 1472+1478

Forest Hill Police Station

    The new Forest Hill 24-hr Police Station is located on the Old Healesville Freeway reserve on Springvale Road in Forest Hill. The building engages with architectural characterisations of police stations as opaque, secure and fenced. The opaque facade / fence is broken at selected moments to allow public access or views. A number […]


Healesville Hospital

The redevelopment of the Healesville and District Hospital and Yarra Valley Community Health, includes a new operating theatre, expanded community health centre, refurbished hospital and the introduction of renal dialysis. It will allow the hospital to deliver a 30% increase in services provided from the site. The redevelopment will consolidate existing and new services into […]


Guide Dogs Victoria

Bamford-Architects’ design for the new Guide Dogs Victoria Kennel Enhancement Project is an extension and refurbishment of their existing dog accommodation facilities, extends and refurbishes their existing facilities. The existing kennel blocks will be completely refurbished. The existing exercise yards will be resurfaced and new water-proof canopies will be built over the entire kennel and […]

151016 MWPS 1129

Mount Waverley Police Station

This small extension to the existing Mount Waverley Police Station provides a new entry, public counter, interview areas and garage. The existing building is being refurbished to provide expanded staff areas.


Daylesford Police Station

The Daylesford 16-hr Police Station is located on the main street of Daylesford just beyond the main shopping precinct. The building is on a narrow fronted east-west oriented site. Planning efficiencies required that the sally port be located on the street frontage nearby entry, interview and meeting spaces. The sally port entry has been turned […]


Marysville Rebuilding Advisory Centre

  The Marysville Rebuilding Advisory Centre is located on the main street of Marysville, and is the first public building constructed since the 2009 Black Saturday fires. Within the building, government and construction industry representatives provide expert advice on finance, insurance, fire standards and construction to guide rebuilding in the Marysville area. At the completion […]



Winner 2016 AIA Public Architecture Award – Forest Hill Police Station. High Commendation in the 2016 Steel Excellence Awards – Forest Hill Police Station. Shortlisted 2016 AIA Bluescope Award – Forest Hill Police Station Winner City of Whitehorse Built Environment Awards Institutional Category – RSPCA Burwood East Redevelopment. Shortlisted 2014 AIA Public Architecture Award – […]

131127 RSPCA Burwood 2227


  The redeveloped RSPCA headquaters in Burwood East provides the not-for-profit organisation with a new and recognisable public presence on Burwood Highway. The redevelopment includes a major 4-storey extension, and reconfiguration and re-cladding to an existing two level building. The building houses a broad range of functions ranging from Animal Inspectorate, Animal Welfare Services, Veterinary […]


Marysville Amenities

The new Marysville Amenities building was built to replace the original amenities building that burnt down in the 2009 Black Saturday Fires. The new amenities building is rated to a Bushfire Attack level of 29. The building is naturally ventilated, utilising stainless steel mesh to provide daylight and ventilation to the building interior. Large gates […]

08052012 - 185 - LR

YPARC Frankston

YPARC Frankston is a Youth Prevention And Recovery Care residential project in Frankston designed for the Department of Health and Peninsula Health. This 10-bed, youth-specific residential facility provides care for 16 to 25 year olds with diagnosed mental illness requiring low acuity acute mental health care. It is located in a residential neighbourhood and its […]


Kinglake Ranges Rebuilding Advisory Centre

                        The Kinglake Ranges Rebuilding Advisory Centre & Community Facility is located adjacent to the Kinglake Temporary Village, marking the entry to the Kinglake township. As for the Marysville project, government and construction industry representatives provided expert advice on finance, insurance, fire standards and […]